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subordinating so that, in order that. Beeil dich, damit wir bald losfahren können. Hurry up so that we can take off soon. dass chiefly in colloquial usage. Limos Kalinga edit. IPA key: / clothes Bumili ni Jose ng bagong damit.
Desktop support Padawan. Service Desk Operator Youngling. Service Desk Operator Youngling. Damit Informatika Damit Informatika 36 1 666 3 777 44 20 813-DAMIT. Bartók Béla út 105-113. Check out our linkedin page. This site was created with passion by Integral Vision. dictionary: Her damit: German-English translation.
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Final clauses: damit Grammar DW Learn German.
It is introduced with the word damit and separated from the superordinate clause with a comma. The verb in the final relative clause is conjugated and comes at the end of the sentence. Wir kaufen einen Saugroboter, damit die Wohnung schneller sauber wird.
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Her Damit Festival is an intricate techno music festival held near Berlin. Ex-industrial backdrops and an intimate atmosphere ramp up the intensity, while bringing techno lovers together from all over Europe. In a brand new location from 2017, Her Damit is growing and expanding to encapsulate its host culture even better with every edition.
Line-up HER DAMIT.
word usage How to distinguish between damit introducing a subordinate clause or a main clause? German Language Stack Exchange.
Not only can you unambiguously identify this structure by replacing damit with mit einer Sache, you can also shift around the position of damit without changing the general meaning of the sentence. This shows us that it is no longer a conjunction.:
RA: Oh Damit Heat Rave We Are On Fire at Griessmuehle, Berlin 2018.
While we all wish we were dancing away at HER DAMIT but thanks to Mother Nature, we will have to wait a little longer. BUT we have invited some of the HER DAMIT all" stars" to come play till we impatiently wait for this years edition.
damit Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch.
auf diese Weise dabei dadurch damit ergo folglich hierbei hierdurch hiermit in Folge dessen indem mit dieser Sache somit. also aus diesem Grund daher damit darob darum demnach deshalb deswegen ergo folglich in Folge dessen infolgedessen mithin somit von daher.
RA: HER DAMIT Festival.
8th 10th June 2018. HER DAMIT Festival Berlin. Tue, 29 May 2018. German festival HER DAMIT postpones 2018 edition due to high risk of forest fires. The current heatwave in and around Berlin left the team with no choice but to cancel next weekend's' event.

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